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COVID-19 Testing
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Jon Brennecke

Senior Fullstack Software Engineer

Team Lead, Patient Experience Team

I joined Curative in the spring of 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to spread across the globe.

As an early employee, I saw Curative scale up from a lab in LA to a national presence. To date, Curative has delivered over 25 million COVID-19 tests and 2 million vaccinations.

Some of the most impactful work of my career has been at Curative. And with the rest of the team there, I've launched software to millions of users.

At Curative, I led the Patient Experience Team to build Scheduler, the appointment booking platform on curative.com.

Before Scheduler, Curative had been signing up patients with a quickly-built webapp. This didn't scale well, as demand for COVID-19 testing exploded in the height of the pandemic.

I formed an engineering team and built the new Scheduler, a greenfield app using a modern React stack. The new Scheduler allowed Curative to expand operations to thousands of locations around the US.

Software for COVID-19Vaccines
Curative has delivered over 25 million COVID-19 tests and 2 million vaccinations.

When vaccines for COVID-19 were about to hit the market in early 2021, Curative was among the first to build specialized software for recording vaccinations.

I built the early prototypes of the internal tools used by Curative’s nurses and staff to record vaccinations. I also led the Patient Experience Team in building support for COVID-19 vaccinations into our software. Soon, the public could book appointments for COVID-19 vaccines on our public curative.com platform.

Curative partnered with LA County, Massachusetts state and other local governments to run large-scale drive-thru vaccination sites. To date, Curative has delivered over 2M vaccinations through the administration software that I helped build.

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